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Charleston Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Charleston Workers' Compensation LawyerDo you have a Charleston workers’ compensation claim? Have you been injured on the job? Are you having trouble with your workers’ compensation claim? The experienced Charleston workers’ compensation law firm of R. Walter Hundley can help you obtain the medical and income benefits you need. Whether you are first applying for workman’s comp or your claim was denied, they will represent your interests.

Attorney Hundley is committed to helping injured workers. Prior to this, he was a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commissioner. He even served as the Chairman of the Commission. He utilizes his experience presiding over workers’ compensation hearing and the years of private practice to get the best results possible for his clients.

Over that time, he has gained a strong reputation across South Carolina for their quality work obtaining workers’ compensation settlements following serious workplace injuries and accidents.

Charleston Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Charleston workers’ compensation lawyer Walt Hundley can answer all of your questions. If you get hurt on the job and  can assist you with any kind of on-the-job injury, occurring at most any type of work.

Charleston Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Don’t wait to contact an Charleston workers’ compensation attorney. A claim can take a while, and any delay in filing will delay receiving the workers’ compensation benefits owed to you.

Walter Hundley has accepted clients throughout South Carolina. He accepts clients on the merit of their claim, not on the location of the district. He is committed to representing the rights of those injured at work. Combining his years of representing the injured and the years spent as a Worker’s Compensation Commission has resulted in favorable results for his clients.

If you suffered a workplace injury, call the Charleston Workers’ Compensation lawyer to schedule a free consultation.

About South Carolina Workers' Compensation

Today, most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance by law. Those suffering workplace injuries will be compensated for the medical costs and lost wages from any injury occurring at work (more)